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Video editing facilities now became the most interesting function among mobile devices as most of the users used their mobile devices to take photos, videos, edit them and make videos, slideshows, create animations, and many other purposes rather than making a phone call or sending a message.  So for this amazing facility, now there are thousands of video editing mobile apps available in the market. Some of them are freely available, and for some other apps, users have to pay. In fact, there are some apps freely available, and it includes premium features for payable methods. Among those plenty of apps, VideoShow is one of the best solutions as now it is freely available for your Android smartphone, iOS devices, and many other platforms. 



VideoShow, the most recommended video editing tool for your Android. Here Android users have the freedom to download VideoShow apk (Android Application Package) directly from the internet. 

What is VideoShow?

VideoShow is a mobile video editing app that is totally compatible with Android, iOS, and some other platforms. Here now you can use this for editing videos by adding a broad spectrum of tools, adding several text overlays, stickers, multiple visual effects, GIFs,multi-track music, transitions, photo filters, sound effects, and another wonderful option, live dubbing. All those facilities are freely available and to enhance user performances on movie making, here you can add several features. There are over 50 video themes, over 30 bespoke filters, music tracks, and many more facilities. While editing videos, this movie editing app allows users several offers such as video compression, easy sharing among social media, and friends.  

Here users can easily use this VideoShow for video editing, and here video exports are available in HD quality. There are freemium and premium features included in the application. But you can use freemium facilities for the best output and if you prefer, then you can buy premium updates as well. So not only for your Android, here you can use this with your iPhone, iPad, and other iDevices as well.

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App NameVideoshow
Latest version8.4.7
APK size19.96MB

VideoShow – Performances

VideoShow is one of the most supportable video editing tools that allow users to create several types of videos via your smartphone. Here users have the freedom to shoot with your own store on your smart Android device.  It means you can use earlier captured, or download images or images that you take a few seconds earlier as well.  Not only for order the images, here you can add several filters, color adjustments, and color balance as well. Finally, users have the freedom to make several changes to the original video to make it adorable. 

While adding filters, users can add an additional look to the video. There are several types of filters, and among them, Instagram-style color profiles are the best. By the way, now you can add warmer color filters as well as cooler color effects, swinging among black and white color themes or sepia tones. After completely changing color effects, then you can move for further changes. 

As the best solution here, you can add subtitles to the video. So you can manage any details on subtitles, and here you are free to edit anything. Then users can use any audio file as its default sounds. For more editing, you have to select appropriate options. Here you can play video within the edit interface, so here you can apply any changes here. 

When you are successfully finishing editing, here you have to export it as the next step.  Here  VideoShow allows you to export the video with the same quality, and then you can compress it to save space here. When you compress the video, the quality will be reduced, but then you can easily share it with others. 

Finally, there is something that you should know about this VideoShow. That is, this is one of the best video editing tools for Android users, and now you can freely download it directly from the internet.  By the way, here it produces good results, and even a more significant change, you can be quickly done with this video editing application. 

Features of the VideoShow

videoshow apk features

videoshow apk features

videoshow apk features

VideoShow is a collection of functions that support the user to create an amazing video using their handset. The application includes a variety of functions to enhance the performances, and because of those plenties of facilities, most of the users install VideoShow as the best video editing app. VideoShow allows users to import video clips, and then users have the freedom to film them. While importing video clips, users can automatically organize those video clips into a timeline. Here users have the ability to add filters, color effects, and other thousands of facilities to add an additional look to the entire video. 

Among other facilities, themes are one of the most highlighted features. Here users have the opportunity to use these themes to add overlay effect and an implied song. After using those features, users can raise the performances of your home video to a professional-looking one. By the way, after adding gifs, stickers, animations now, you can give an impressive look to the original video. Then you can add multiple soundtracks that are stored in or device, and here you have the opportunity to download your favorite one before going to add them.  In fact, with VideoShow, now you can add your own voice record as well.  Then here you are free to add subtitles to your video as well. 

While having plenty of features, another important facility is video trim. Here you can trim your video to manageable partitions. Then you can apply zooming, speeding, editing, rotating, and reverse playing as well. 

If you are using the freemium update, then you can enjoy enough free features to edit an impressive video, but if you are looking for facilities, furthermore, here you have to upgrade to the premium update. But here, the free version is pretty enough as it includes plenty of facilities that can be used to create a wonderful video. So now, let’s see those freemium features of the VideoShow application that you can easily use while editing the video. 

  • The best video editing tool
  • Users have the freedom to use multiple clips
  • Transition effects
  • Multiple themes for video
  • Multiple themes for audio
  • Length trimming
  • Enhancements such as several effects, gifs, stickers, filters
  • Color balancing
  • Color adjustments
  • Color effects 
  • Subtitle  editor
  • video to mp3
  • Voice recording 
  • The best movie maker on your smartphone 

Here from the media center, users can easily download over hundreds of downloadable elements such as music gifs and fonts.  There are plenty of other features as well. To enjoy all those facilities here, you have to download and install VideoShow to your Android smartphone. The process takes only a few seconds. 

Reasons to use this  VideoShow Video Editor

As the best solution for video editing now, Android users have the freedom to use VideoShow apk with your smart Android device. Here you can easily download it from the internet, and after successfully downloading the application, now you can enjoy the best features included in the VideoShow freely. To create adorable videos on your Android smartphone now, you can use your smartphone and just try the app to create your dreamed video with VideoShow. There are reasons to select this application. Among those reasons, let’s see the most highlighted reasons to “Why should we use this VideoShow?”.  

  • Mainly VideoShow is just a simple and user-friendly application. 
  • Easy to edit videos and movies
  • For beginners and film directors, this is the best application  for video editing  and movie scene making as the first attempt
  • Export with HD quality 
  • No quality loss
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Photo  editor comes with a wide variety of functions
  • Hundreds of free music  available
  • Fully  licensed
  • Premium features available (There does not include watermark or ads after updating to premium version)
  • Comes with special lenses that allow making an original video clip

Download and install VideoShow

As mentioned above, here you can directly download the VideoShow from the internet. The process is entirely free, and users have the freedom to download and install VideoShow just in a few seconds quickly. If you are looking, how to download VideoShow, then try the steps below. 

Step 01. First, you have to download  VideoShow apk directly from the above download links. 

Step 02. Then you have to go to device settings. Now tap on security settings. Then enable unknown sources. For that, you have to put a tick on anonymous sources to allow it to. This is essential, and if you missed this step, here, you could not continue the installation process. You will get an error message as “installation blocked.” 

Step 03. Now you have to open the downloaded VideoShow apk file.  Here you can find it from Downloads. 

Step 04. To begin the installation, tap on the “install” option.  Then it will ask to agree with terms and conditions to continue the process. Tap o agree, and then the installation proceeds. 

Step 05. Now it’s all done.

What can we do with VideoShow?

VideoShow is one of the most popular professional video editing tools available on your mobile phone. Here it supports your   Android operating system, and it is included in the Android application package. (apk). So without any effect now you can easily download the application to your smartphone, and then you can use it for video editings such as,

  • This is the best way to edit, merge, trim, split, reverse, duplicate  rotate, blur, collage clips or any other functions for better editing using video cutter
  • Users have the freedom to zoom in and out. This facility allows users to let the audience to focus on the most related  region that the user expects 
  • Allows the freedom to handle fast motion, slow motion. Here you can easily adjust the speed of all the video clips that you create through the app
  • Another amazing facility for video dubbing. Here you can add voice recordings. So you can add your own voice or sound to the videos that you design here.
  • Doodle on video. Here users have the freedom to doodle. Can you create your own design? Just try doodles. 
  • There are lots of possibilities for reverse video and playback, and then you can make a funny and creative as well as original videos, vlog.
  • This is a fantastic materials center, it includes several themes, effects, filters, memes, stickers, gif images, emojis, fonts, sound effects, FX and more.

FAQ on VideoShow

Q1. What is VideoShow?

Answer : VideoShow is one of the great video editing tools that can be used to create fun movies using the previously shoot videos that you stored on your smartphone. Here VideoShow allows you to use any type of videos that are stored in your memory, and here you can apply different filters such as Instagram-style color profiles and more.

Q2. Who is the developer of VideoShow?

Answer: VideoShow developed by developer  Enjoymobi.

Q3. What are the VideoShow Compatible platforms?

Answer: VideoShow supports Android smartphones, iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad

Q4. Does VideoShow have a watermark?

Answer : ‘VideoShow’ application contains a watermark.  But if you do not lie about the effects, then you can easily remove the watermark by installing a premium update.