How to use Videoshow | How to Edit Videos on Your Mobile Phone

Videoshow app is a famous mobile application and it is compatible with both Android and iOS handsets. Among other video editing apps, this is the most recommended and reliable application for editing videos. For this video editing facility, it represents a combination of tools for designing, adds multiple texts, several overlays, stickers, multiple visual effects, multiple photo filters, transitions, adds music tracks, GIFs, adds audio tracks, and many more facilities.

How to use Videoshow

For your Android device, iOS device, or for your computer now you can directly download Videoshow application from the internet. 

Videoshow – Performances

Videoshow application designed with a combination of tools. Those are video editing tools, Extract Mp3, Slideshow, and Quick Tools. All those facilities allow you to rotate video, trim video, mute video, blur video, add background music, and merge video. 

Using your smartphone now you can edit videos and change them by adding several facilities. Here you can follow below instructions to edit videos, add music, slide show, etc. 

Edit Videos using Videoshow

To edit videos using Videoshow you have to tap on the button “edit video”. Then you have to select the video that you wish to edit. On the selected video, if you can cut or trim it. Here set the time as starting and ending. Then you have to tap on trim. 

Here if you want to trim another video, then you have to tap on the add button. Then select another video. Likewise, you can add several videos. To continue the process, you have to tap on edit. 

To add themes here you have to tap on the “Theme Button”. Then select one of the most supported video themes. 

To trim, duplicate or split video you have to tap on the edit button.

To add texts tap on the text button and then you can write anything on the textbox. Here you can add multiple text styles, several colours, and text positions. Here you can manage duration for text showing. 

To add effects tap on the effect button. Now you can add several effects and filters. Here you have to select the video and apply effects. 

To add stickers you have to select the stickers button. Tap on stickers to select them. Now you can change sticker position, showing duration, and some other options. 

To add music select music. Here you can add several music tracks, select music playtime, add multiple music, and many more.


Tap on the slideshow button to create a slideshow. Select multiple photos here from your gallery. Users have the freedom to add multiple transitions to change the slideshow effects. 

To arrange the sliding tap on the record button 

To add images tao on button add 

To delete images tap on delete

Extract mp3 

Here you have to tap on “Extract to mp3”. Trim video allows you to set the video time and then you can select the desired format. Select NEXT to save the audio format. 

Here you can rotate video, mute video, trim video, add background music, blur video

merge video and many more options. 

The editing process of videos is just simple if you use the Videoshow application. Still not use the latest update fo the Videoshow now you can freely download it and here the process is completely free. 

Videoshow for PC free Download Officially Windows and Mac

VideoShow is a popular application that widely compatible with PC devices as well as mobile operating systems. Videoshow for PC is a very popular procedure as now it allows unbelievable facilities for your PC. Videoshow is a popular programming application and Windows 10 users have the freedom to use it now. The application is available in the PlayStore. But you can directly download it from the internet as well. 

videoshow for pc

 PC users now have the freedom to use this best video editing program freely and now you can easily make changes anytime by editing videos. 

What is Videoshow

VideoShow is the best way to edit videos. The app is compatible with several platforms such as Windows, Mac,  iOS, Android, etc. Here the entire tool is used for the basic purpose in video editing such as multiple visual effects, GIFs,  adding several broad-spectrum tools,  multi-track music, multiple text overlays, photo filters, several stickers, transitions, sound effects, and live dubbing. There are plenty of functions included with the application and users can enjoy them all. 

All those facilities enhance the app performances as well as user freedom to enjoy the best video experience ever. Using your PC now you can design a quality video after adding several features like over 50  types of video themes, over 30 types of bespoke filters, several music tracks, and more.

Not only video editing,  now you can use VideoShow to compress videos, multiple types of sharing options like social media, and friends.

More about Videoshow  for PC

Now, PC users, have the latest opportunity to download VideoShow for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and your  Mac OS supported  PC for free. The application designed with multiple highlights and all those facilities allows you to create an amazing video. 

After downloading Videoshow for your Windows 8, 7, XP, or Mac OS you can easily manage it as the tool has a user-friendly interface, simple process for a download, easy process for editing videos and the tool is overall trustworthy. Videoshow is globally popular among users as the safest and reliable tool for editing videos. 

 Features of the Videoshow

VideoShow design with a collection of functions,  and various types of features. Because of all those facilities, VideoShow became the first rankings on most popular editing apps for videos. You can easily see some facilities included in VideoShow below. 

  • The best video editing tool  for PC
  • Availability of multiple clips
  • Transition effects
  • Multiple themes for video
  • Multiple themes for audio
  • Length trimming
  • Enhancements (effects, gifs, stickers, filters)
  • Colour balancing
  • Colour adjustments
  • Colour effects 
  • Subtitle editor
  • video to mp3
  • Voice recording 
  • Moviemaker 

How to download VideoShow for your PC

Using   Nox player App now you can easily download VideoShow for your computer. So follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 01. Users must download a supported mobile emulator. Here you can use Nox player

Step 02. Open Nox player. downloaded application. Tap on the shortcut key of  Nox player. to open it. 

Step 03. Then you have to log in to your Google account. It should connect with your Nox player..  

Step 04. If the login success, then opens the Playstore. 

Step 05. Click on the search button. Then search “Videoshow”. 

Step 06. Click on Videoshow. Now it begins the installation. Follow the mentioned steps below. It takes a few seconds for the installation. 

The process you have completed. Then enjoy Videoshow using your personal computer. 

Videoshow for iOS iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch‎ Free Download

Videoshow is one of the most recommended applications that are available for video editing purposes. For iOS, now this incredible application available and users have the freedom to directly download the application from the internet, freely. By the way, for iPhone and iPad users can directly download Videoshow from Appstore.

videoshow for ios

In the market, now there are thousands of video editing apps available. Among those apps, when you selecting one, then try the most reliable application. Videoshow is that kind of applications and here you can use it to, make videos, editing them, add effects, and many more purposes. 

Videoshow for my iPhone – iPad device

Videoshow is a mobile application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. This is the best solution for editing videos and it adds several facilities such as several designing tools, stickers, multiple text overlays, several visual effects, transitions, several photo filters, GIFs, multi-track music, several sound effects, and plenty of other options.

Videoshow application adds over 50 video themes, 30+ bespoke filters, multiple music tracks, and other editing facilities. Using the Videoshow, it adds facilities such as video compression, quick sharing option via social media, and friends and saves them in your device memory.  

Videoshow comes in freemium and premium versions. It means if you are looking for advanced features now you can try them through the premium version. Rather than the freemium version, it includes additional facilities. But the freemium update is quite enough as it includes the most important fasciitis for a better video editing. 

Features of the Videoshow for iOS

Let’s see what are the latest and improved features included in the Videoshow application. 

  • Most recommended editing tool for videos 
  • Here you can use multiple clips 
  • Several transition effects
  • Available custom themes for video
  • Multiple audio themes 
  • Length trimming
  • Enhancements 
  • Multiple effects, filters, gifs, and stickers freely available
  • Colour balancing, effects, and adjustments
  • Subtitle editor
  • Video to mp3
  • Voice recording 
  • Wonderful movie maker

videoshow for ios

Download and install Videoshow for iOS

Now iPhone and iPad users have the freedom to directly download Videoshow for iOS. This process is completely free and reliable. The reason for that is now you can directly download the application from the App store.

For your latest iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 series, iPhone X series, and other below iPhone and iPad devices now you can freely download this latest Videoshow version. Here it supports iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, and other below operating system versions without any mess. 

To download the latest version here you have to open the Appstore. Then search for Videoshow. When it appears, then you have to tap on it. Tap on install option. It takes a few seconds to complete the installation and after few seconds the process will be completed. 

Finally, close all the open windows and go to the device home screen. There you can see the Videoshow shortcut key. Tap and open it. Now you can enjoy the download application while editing videos using your iPhone and iPad devices without any difficulty. 

Videoshow APK Download for Android, iOS and PC Officially 2020

Video editing is a wonderful capability, and now even in your smartphone, users have the freedom to enable this facility. Currently, there are thousands of video editing apps available, and most of the apps freely available, and others are chargeable. VideoShow is a wonderful application, and Android users have the freedom to download it to their smartphones freely without any difficulty directly. 


VideoShow apk included in the Android package list, and so, without any difficulty, users can download it directly from the internet. This is one of the most recommended applications, and anyone can simply manage the tool without any messing.

What is  VideoShow APP?

VideoShow is a mobile application designed for video editing. The app entirely compatible with Android, iOS, and other platforms. The basic purpose is to editing videos by adding a broad spectrum of tools, multiple visual effects, GIFs, multi-track music, multiple text overlays, several stickers, transitions, photo filters, sound effects, and live dubbing.

All those listed facilities and many other facilities freely available to enhance user performances, and here you can be designed a quality video by adding several features such as over 50 video themes, over 30 bespoke filters, music tracks, and more.

VideoShow offers you to compress videos, multiple sharing options on social media, and friends. So why do you still waiting? Hurry up and download VideoShow to your Android smartphone.  

Videoshow APK Download

Videoshow APK Download  Download from Playstore


Now Android users have the freedom to directly download videoshow to your handset and then install it freely. The process takes only a few seconds, and within a few seconds, you can complete the allround process without any mess. Now you can follow the below steps to easily download VideoShow apk without any mess. 

How to Install videoshow APK?

Step 01.

First, you have to download VideoShow apk directly from the internet. Here you have to select a reliable website to download the apk file. 

Step 02.

Then Go to device settings. Now you have to tap on security settings. Select unknown sources to enable. For that, tick on “unknown sources” option.

This is a necessary process. If you missed this step, you might not be able to continue the process longer, and sometimes you will get an error message as “installation blocked” 

Step 03.

Now touch on the downloaded VideoShow apk file to open. You can easily find it from the device download folder. 

Step 04.

To begin the installation, tap on the “install” button. Then it will ask to agree with terms and conditions to continue the process. Tap on Agree, and then the installation proceeds. 

Step 05

Now it’s all done.

Finally, the process completed, and you can enjoy VideoShow application while editing your fav video. 

Features of the VideoShow 

As mentioned above, now you know a lot about VideoShow. This is a collection of functions, and here users have the freedom to create a fantastic video clip using their mobile phone. VideoShow includes a variety of features to enhance app performances. Because of those plenty of facilities, VideoShow became the most popular video editing application among millions of Android users. So let’s see some of those facilities included in VideoShow. 

  • The best video editing tool
  • Availability of multiple clips
  • Transition effects
  • Multiple themes for video
  • Multiple themes for audio
  • Length trimming
  • Enhancements (effects, gifs, stickers, filters)
  • Color balancing
  • Color adjustments
  • Color effects 
  • Subtitle editor
  • video to mp3
  • Voice recording 
  • Moviemaker 

From the media center, now VideoShow users allowed to freely download hundreds of elements, including music gifs and fonts.