How to use Videoshow | How to Edit Videos on Your Mobile Phone

Videoshow app is a famous mobile application and it is compatible with both Android and iOS handsets. Among other video editing apps, this is the most recommended and reliable application for editing videos. For this video editing facility, it represents a combination of tools for designing, adds multiple texts, several overlays, stickers, multiple visual effects, multiple photo filters, transitions, adds music tracks, GIFs, adds audio tracks, and many more facilities.

How to use Videoshow

For your Android device, iOS device, or for your computer now you can directly download Videoshow application from the internet. 

Videoshow – Performances

Videoshow application designed with a combination of tools. Those are video editing tools, Extract Mp3, Slideshow, and Quick Tools. All those facilities allow you to rotate video, trim video, mute video, blur video, add background music, and merge video. 

Using your smartphone now you can edit videos and change them by adding several facilities. Here you can follow below instructions to edit videos, add music, slide show, etc. 

Edit Videos using Videoshow

To edit videos using Videoshow you have to tap on the button “edit video”. Then you have to select the video that you wish to edit. On the selected video, if you can cut or trim it. Here set the time as starting and ending. Then you have to tap on trim. 

Here if you want to trim another video, then you have to tap on the add button. Then select another video. Likewise, you can add several videos. To continue the process, you have to tap on edit. 

To add themes here you have to tap on the “Theme Button”. Then select one of the most supported video themes. 

To trim, duplicate or split video you have to tap on the edit button.

To add texts tap on the text button and then you can write anything on the textbox. Here you can add multiple text styles, several colours, and text positions. Here you can manage duration for text showing. 

To add effects tap on the effect button. Now you can add several effects and filters. Here you have to select the video and apply effects. 

To add stickers you have to select the stickers button. Tap on stickers to select them. Now you can change sticker position, showing duration, and some other options. 

To add music select music. Here you can add several music tracks, select music playtime, add multiple music, and many more.


Tap on the slideshow button to create a slideshow. Select multiple photos here from your gallery. Users have the freedom to add multiple transitions to change the slideshow effects. 

To arrange the sliding tap on the record button 

To add images tao on button add 

To delete images tap on delete

Extract mp3 

Here you have to tap on “Extract to mp3”. Trim video allows you to set the video time and then you can select the desired format. Select NEXT to save the audio format. 

Here you can rotate video, mute video, trim video, add background music, blur video

merge video and many more options. 

The editing process of videos is just simple if you use the Videoshow application. Still not use the latest update fo the Videoshow now you can freely download it and here the process is completely free. 

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